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Looking For an Effective Cardio Switch? This Low-Impact Sport Will Change Your Life!

Are you one of those who deliberately bails on the cardio section post your weight training? Does the thought of walking on a treadmill aimlessly make you feel tired already? If yes, welcome to the group! 

No matter how much we hate doing cardio, it’s an absolute necessity. This is why we’ve come up with an enjoyable cardio alternative that you’ll fall in love with – swimming! A low-impact sport that’ll not only make you feel rejuvenated but will also help burn a good number of calories. 


Todd Quackenbush/Unsplash | Swimming is a low-impact sport that not only makes you feel rejuvenated but also helps burn a good number of calories

Unlike other cardio exercises, while swimming, you don’t need to be drenched in sweat and look all awful. Rather, it’ll make you feel energized and cool while performing it and even for the entire day. 

Not convinced? Well, check out these other physical benefits of swimming for more insight!

#1 – It’s a sport for all age groups

Swimming is a kind of sport that you can perform for your entire life. Yes, you heard it right! It doesn’t require any high-intensity activities like weight training or running and jogging. While running, skipping, jogging, etc., your body needs to be strong enough to handle the impact and after effects, but unlike them, swimming is a low-intensity activity that won’t even put much force on your skeletal system. Therefore, it’s a great pick if you want to prohibit yourself from getting any pains or injuries. 


Drew Gilliam/Unsplash | Swimming is a kind of sport that you can perform for your entire life

#2 – It helps improve breath control

Swimming is all about having the right breath control. If you’ve got that sorted, it’s going to be a piece of cake for you. But to get a hold of that, you really have to put your face in the water and be aware of how to control your breath, or else you’ll just end up with a nose and mouth full of chlorine water.

The trick is to slowly exhale through your nose when underwater and then steadily inhale through the mouth, once out of the water. Having good breath control will not only help you swim better but will also benefit you while doing other exercises, even while meditating. 

#3 – It helps build solid core strength

If you’ve lived under the impression that swimming only activates your legs, arms, and shoulders, you’ve been living under a rock! An ideal and appropriate swimming technique requires a good amount of core engagement as well.

A combination of a strong core and the right technique will allow you to perform the exercise efficiently. It’ll allow you to rotate properly and perform skilled strokes like freestyle, backstroke, and butterfly, respectively. All in all, if you want to ace at swimming, having a strong core is quintessential. 


Mariano Nocetti/Unsplash | An ideal and appropriate technique of swimming requires a good amount of core engagement as well

Final words

We don’t indulge in physical exercises just so we can have a great shape or an appealing physical appearance; rather, it has so much to do with our mental well-being as well. Swimming as an activity itself is extremely relaxing and rhythmic.

It builds such a strong connection between all your senses, and that too, considering that you can’t see, smell, or touch anything when you’re doing it. It’s so peaceful that it’s considered way better than meditation. Try it for yourselves, and you’ll know what we’re talking about. 

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