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Real-Life Tales: Inspirational Story of a Girl Who Had Two Heart Transplants

Have you ever felt any despair in your life’s journey? Well, if you are saddened because of thesis revisions or some overtime work, this story is a must-read for you. There is someone who keeps her head straight and faces all of the hardships with a smile! She is Maddie Price – a 19-year-old adolescent who continuously fights for her life.

It all started on a beautiful day when she and her family went to see a baseball tournament. While chilling and eating some yummy hot dogs, she suddenly felt an intense feeling in her stomach and chest area. Maddie thought that it was probably something to do with satiation, so she ignored it – and you know what? The disastrous sensation came back within a few days.

She had just walked out of a café, and her vision suddenly became incredibly blurry! Fortunately, this young girl made a brilliant decision, as she decided to rush to the nearest hospital in Palm Harbor, Florida. Thanks to her quick judgment, she escaped from the death’s door once again.

goodluz/Shutterstock: Unexpected news from the doctor

What the doctor told her was quite shocking, yet Maddie quickly regained her composure. They said to her that she got heart failure and needed another transplant.It turns out that before she was even sensible, Maddie started suffering from a severe organ abnormality called congenital heart defect.

For anyone who doesn’t know – congenital heart defect is a birth anomaly where the heart’s structure doesn’t develop well in the womb. It’s uncommon because, according to the data, only 1% of American new-born babies carry the abnormality.But sadly, that’s what Maddie has been experiencing all this time.

Since birth, she has undergone a total of two heart transplants, numerous daily medicines to support her new organ, and weekly visits to the hospital for years. Nonetheless, the constant obstacles didn’t make her lose spirit at all! Heart symbolizing solidarity

Maddie still has a dream, which is to join the American Heart Association and give the new hope for the citizens who have the same “disability” like her. Even under continuous death threats, Maddie is still concerned about other people. Even for a person with excellent health, having that mindset is one of the hardest things to achieve.

lzf/Shutterstock: Maddie is stronger now

What’s probably worth noting is Maddie’s courage to keep living. If the constant heart failure doesn’t make her give up this beautiful life, is it all right for us, “normal people,” to live in frustration? Maddie Prince’s journey is something worth contemplating. With this inspirational story, we believe that our readers will find some speck of hope in their desperate minds.

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