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5 Ways You Can Fight the Next Recession

Considering the current unemployment rate and global conditions, we can estimate that the next jobless phase is not too far, besides some would say that it is overdue. Since 2009, the economy has been picking up its pace, making people millionaires and billionaires worldwide.

Still, it’s wise to consider that time does not always remain the same—just because it hasn’t happened in a while does not mean there isn’t a possibility for it. Recession is something that one should always be prepared for, and that’s why we are here to share these five tips that will help you during a time of need.

Make New Friends

fizkes/Shutterstock: Enhance your professional network

This one is strictly in terms of climbing the career ladder. You have been in the company for ten years, but that still does not make your position recession-free, so be ready.

Keeping an updated resume would help a lot at hard times like this, but more important that that is—networking. Create a new job or business opportunity for yourself while making new work-friends. Uphold professional communication with people of other companies, in case something unexpected happens in the future.

Become Irreplaceable

Ollyy/Shutterstock: Identify and keep up with your unique selling points

“You just mentioned that I am replaceable, then how do I become irreplaceable now?” The thing is, there is more to the fact of job cuts than we understand. Staying on the side where there’s always a risk of unemployment is not a smart choice, so instead, make yourself the most important person in your workplace.

Work hard, arrive on time, be a good team player, and establish an impressive record, so when the time comes to lay off people from the company, they’ll have to think 10 times at least.

Bad Luck of Stocks

chrisliverani/Unsplash: Avoid heavy investments in stocks

It might seem like a fantastic investment at the time, but you will be left with nothing if the stocks crash and all your money goes down the drain. On top of that, recession strikes and you lose your only income stream as well. This isn’t a prediction; it happened the last time recession hit.

US citizens lost about $2.7 trillion when the stock market crashed in 2008, so if you are planning a comfortable retirement, it would be better to avoid heavy investments in stocks.

Mock Recession Test

It’s always beneficial to take a mock exam before going for the finals, right? Similarly, if you want to be completely prepared for the upcoming recession, you should have a drill where you list out every expense, including gas, electricity bills, grocery shopping, and clothing and accessories.

If you keep track of your monthly spendings, you’ll know where most of your hard-earned cash is being wasted.

Kick the Non-essentials Off the List

Once you have the final list of products and services you are spending money on, it’s time to cut down on the expenses. You can let go of a few items that aren’t needed, and it would be even better if there are cheaper alternatives to some of the grocery and household items you keep spending a lot of money on.

Minor changes in the grocery list alone will impact your monthly expenditure, so think how beneficial it would be if you eliminate all the non-essentials from your spending habits.

The next recession might not be too far away, or maybe it is—we are not sure, and that’s precisely why all of us should be prepared for when it actually strikes. So keep yourself updated with the current economic conditions to know when to start arranging for the harsh period of your career.

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