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Did You Know These Existed? Bizarre Things Rich People Spend Money On

Ever wondered what billionaires do with their fortune once they satisfy all their cravings? Do they just rest?

The answer is a solid no. While some may do that, others would keep pursuing or even inventing more cravings, resulting in Bizarro-world things, us regular folks didn’t even know existed! There are even businesses catering to the extremely rich who eventually tire out of spending money on things like exotic trips and mansions.

This list will definitely make you gasp:

Pet Cloning

Helen Rose Gabriel/Shutterstock: Many rich people clone their pets for as much as $50K

If you’ve ever had a pet you loved like a child, you know how painful it is to lose them. Well, the wealthy don’t have to shed tears for their beloved animals. They’d still miss them, but it sure helps when one can have a clone of their favorite fur baby! American company ‘Viagen Pets’ does this for $50,000 for a dog.

Kidnap and Ransom Insurance Buying a kidnap insurance

When you have money to lose, chances are more people are trying to steal it away. So this one seems quite practical and safe if you really have cash that criminals might kidnap you for!

Young Blood

Yes, you read that right. Some people actually pay $8000 per treatment for blood transfusions from young donors, because they believe it fights the natural aging process!

Look Smart

You’d be shocked to know that some mansion libraries are just for show. ‘Books by the Foot’ sells, a foot of books from $250 upwards. You can also pick any genre or look, such as distressed texts hardbound with burgundy covers, to match your mansion’s interior and make you seem like a bibliophile to any guest!

Uber…But for Jets

IgorGolovniov/Shutterstock: Jet pooling

If you don’t own your own jet, but still flying first class seems beneath you, ‘FlexJet’ offers the option to pool with limited numbers of the elite on a private jet. Rest assured, there’s maximum comfort and frills.

Luxury On Track

If your travel is in-country, a private train car with maximum space and amenity is the way to go. Can’t beat that elegance, while it’s also lighter on the wallet than a private jet!

The Black Card

The American Express Centurion Card has been coveted by the wealthy ever since it was introduced. What makes it so desirable is that you can only own one by invitation! Once you get your hand on this, though, you’re privy to the best offers like airline and hotel upgrades, access to elite events, and more!

Have a Movie Release at Home

When you have a home theatre at your residence, why bother going to the cinemas? ‘Prima Cinema’ would cost you $500 for a single day, but you can watch it along with the actual theatre release of any film!

Rent A Celebrity

Yes. While it’s a dream to most, the uber-rich can even get their favorite A-lister to make an appearance at their private function for about $1 million through agencies like ‘RBS Celebrity Booking.’

Kopi Luwak

With a single cup of this exotic rarity costing from $35 to $100, only the ultra-rich can afford it daily. It’s known to be incredibly delicious too, considering its made from Civet cat poop!
We know some of these sound absolutely crazy, but maybe when you have this kind of dough to burn, you’ll develop unconventional tastes too!

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