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The Cost Of Living In Australia Is Soaring & Aussies Are Taking Unprecedented Decisions

Inflation is soaring everywhere. After the U.S, where the inflation rate has broken the records of the previous five decades, Australia is next up and according to the latest updates, the country is suffering from an all-time high inflation rate. However, the cost of living is also soaring along with inflation.

Monstera / Pexels / Aussies are struggling with high electricity bills and juggling interest rates.


Nevertheless, it is essential to note here that inflation and the cost of living go hand in hand. In other words, if one goes up, so does the other automatically. Similarly, if the first goes down, the second goes down too. In the case of Aussies, however, the first is true. In other words, inflation is rising in Australia, and so is the cost of living. Thus, this is making the Aussies worried about their future.

How Aussies Are Taking Tough Decisions to Cope With High inflation?

As Aussies are struggling with high-interest rates, electricity bills, and mortgages, they can not help but make tough decisions about their future. Some are looking to leverage their time. While others are taking multiple jobs at the same time.

Energy / Pexels / To cope with the high cost of living, Aussies are cancelling their premium subscriptions and gym memberships.

Zofia Zayons, a Sydney-based factory manager, is one of the many Aussies who have taken “extreme steps” to cope with the high cost of living. To begin with, she has canceled her gym membership and is taking care of her physique at home. She has also canceled her premium streaming services and is trying to go for cheaper or ‘flexible’ streaming services. She does not stop here. Instead, she is also taking other money-conscious steps like avoiding dining out, less hanging out with friends, and saving every single penny.

Similarly, Zofia is looking to get another job to save money and keep up with the cost of living in Australia. Apart from that, she already earns what she calls “a decent amount” through freelancing. Nevertheless, she still feels she can not keep up with the cost of living crisis for a long time. Likewise, she can not see the light at the end of the tunnel either. All she sees ahead of her is an uncertain financial situation and an unseen future. Although she manages to remain on a tight budget, she does not see a smooth future ahead of her.

Maitree / Pexels / Despite being on a tight budget, Aussies do not see a certain financial future ahead of them.

The Financial Future is Uncertain For Aussies

Zofia is just one example; thousands of working Aussies can not keep up with the high cost of living in Australia. They are taking unprecedented steps like Zofia and can still not foresee a secure future ahead of them.

The Australian government has been quite proactive starting from early 2022 to tackle high inflation across the country. But so far, no fruitful results have been seen. With a financial recession looming over the head of Aussies, they can not see a smooth financial future ahead of the.

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