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Initiate A Safe Conversation About Weight Loss with Your Kids!

Dr.Miles S. Faith, Professor of Counselling and Psychology at the University of Buffalo, emphasizes the importance of parents initiating a conversation with their kids to combat weight gain. Obesity has become extremely common among kids and adults alike, and it is obvious how serious the consequences can be.

Inducting a discussion about obesity and weight loss with kids and teens must be handled extra carefully, as it requires a lot of patience andthe right choice of words. An untimely conversation could trigger an unhealthy notion about the topic, which could be embedded in kids’ minds and affect them even years later. They could also develop ailing eating habits that could be hazardous to their mental and physical well-being.

Whether the child brings up the proposition or the parents decide to interject the matter, they need to work together as a unit in order to empower the youngones and improve their health.

How to Safely Touch-On The Subject of Weight Loss?


nastya_gepp /Unsplash: Choose the right time to initiate a conversation

Choose just the right time and place to ensure that the child feels safe and not-so-reluctant to talk and discuss their issues. Remember, we need not preach; we need to DISCUSS.

Exchanging ideas and respecting thekid’s opinion makes them feel responsible and even take ownership. It would be best to initiate the conversation when you both feel relaxed, perhaps. Maybe you could talk over a cup of tea, or after dinner when children feel the breeziest.

Don’t Add to The Kid’s Mental Strain

Yiorgos GR/Shutterstock: Be careful while talking to kids, wrong choice of words can affect their self-esteem

Parents and guardians need to understand how important it is to not use negative words associated with weight loss. It is best not to use words like “dieting,” says Dr.Faith. Such terms can be mentally and behaviourally draining for children. Make sure you pass over a positive outlook on the topic as it would be the best for kids struggling with self-esteem issues.

Make Picky Eaters Choose Healthier Options

Kelly Sikkema/Unsplash: Encourage your child to eat healthy
Kids love to be independent, just like adults. They feel the most content when they can be practical and choose for themselves. Feasibly, you could provide three to four nutritional options, like an apple, some granola, almonds, and carrots, and let them decide for themselves. Try this and see how you could easily get your kids to literally choose a healthy snack or meal!

Is It Okay to Make Kids Step On a Scale?

It is alright to weigh your children in order to monitor their progress, but make sure you encourage the kid and say “good job” no matter the number on the scale. Only then would the child feel capacitated to do better and work on their health.

A little weight gain is quite normal, remember—they are growing. Try observing their behavioral changes, like how many hours they sleep and how much exercise they get to better understand their health. It would also help if you set goals and reward them when the targets are met!


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