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These 9 Expert Techniques Will Melt Your Stress Away

Everyone experiences stress, but too much of anything is bad for you. With disturbances to your sleep patterns, appetite, and even your job and relationships, it’s best to have some skills to cope with this headache.

Here’s our list of pro-stress-busting tips:

Relax Those Muscles

Look Studio/Shutterstock: Take a moment to relax

Progressive muscle relaxation is an easy technique in which you lie on your back comfortably and focus on relaxing each muscle group in your body, starting from the toes. It breaks the stress response from your brain, and drains all that tension away!

Breathe Deeper – Walk Longer

A walk can do so much good when you’re stressed out. Even if not at liberty to go for a walk like when you’re at the office, taking deep, slow breaths throughout the day will elevate your mood and energy.

Find Your Tribe

View Apart/Shutterstock: Spend quality time with your close friends

A goofy karaoke session with the besties might be all that’s needed after all. But finding those we can be ourselves with and sharing stresses and insecurities would definitely relieve a lot off your mind.

Be Grateful

Antonio Guillem/Shutterstock: Count your blessings and be grateful for them

Focusing on the blessings can show that not everything has gone wrong for you. When you experience stress over something, being grateful gives us a better perspective that this, too, shall pass.

Take A Break

If you feel the stress burning-up, take a break- have a Kit-Kat! Or something you really like. Playing with your puppy, listening to some music, a little bit of dance. The list is truly endless.

Stretch to The Limit

Stretches aren’t just for athletes and gym-sharks. Daily stretches as short as 90 seconds would help engage your nervous system and give you the relaxation to get through the day.

Stay Fit

Regular exercise helps reduce stress hormone (adrenaline and cortisol), leaving you relaxed with more endorphins that act as mood regulators.

Hear Yourself Out

Yes! Talking to yourself is a perfectly healthy habit. When dealing with a stressful problem, going over it with yourself in the third person can help you create a psychological distance between the problem and your mind. This way, the issue loses its power to overwhelm.


We get it. Sitting still is hard if you’re a social butterfly. But committing just 15 minutes a day for the practice can help in ways you never thought possible. If you’re a newbie, there’re tons of online resources to guide you too!

It’ll take trial and error to find the best techniques that work for you daily. But we promise it’ll be worth it once you feel lighter about life!

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