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5 Apps That Offer Emotional Support To Women

We are living in an era of technological advancement. This means that our lives have become easier than they ever were in the past. There is an app for everything – tap that app, and you will have your tasks covered in no time. That is one side of the coin. The other side of the coin is that along with the advancement, new challenges are also there. For instance, stress, anxiety, and depression are increasing. Go back a few decades, and you will figure out that the stats of mental illnesses were quite low. But now, thanks to technological advancements, mental disorders are commonplace.

Monstera / Pexels / Thanks to technological advancement, mental illnesses are commonplace these days.

However, a new study notes that these mental disorders are especially common among women. Perhaps they are more burdened by society. Or they are so occupied with household activities that they can not look after their mental health. Consequently, they are increasingly becoming vulnerable to mental disorders. The good news? Well, the good news is that is a solution to this problem as well. Again, thanks to the advancement in technology. There are numerous apps, online resources, and social media platforms dedicated to helping women vulnerable to mental decline.

Andrea / Pexels / Mental disorders are common among women, and some apps and online resources help women cope with these mental disorders.

In this blog, we are going to explore those apps that are specially dedicated to helping women cope with mental disorders. These mental disorders can be:

  • Prolonged depression
  • Anxiety
  • Phobias
  • Social and societal pressure
  • Non-ending stress

Now, let’s move forward and explore these apps step by step:

  1. Gaia

The number one online therapy platform on our list is an app called Gaia. This app is specially designed for women who are exposed to prolonged depression and anxiety. It offers a resource called “Hypnotherapy for Women’s Wellness.”

Andrea / Pexels / Gaia offers insightful content and in-app activities to help women cope with their mental health vulnerabilities.

Essentially, it makes the users walk through some simple steps. These steps are designed to help women cope with the disorder. Once you are in, you will have access to a wide list of insightful content that Gaia has to offer. You can watch insightful videos and perform certain tasks. Thus, it can help you cope with the disorder in the long run.

2. Your Self-Care Side Click

Your Self-Care Side Click is one of the most effective online therapy apps. The app has over 2 million active users. Of course, the users are women who struggle with mental disorders. This app is designed to help women who are vulnerable to fragile mental health. They can be either struggling with anxiety or depression. Or, there can be something else that is causing the trouble.

Your Self-Care Side Click has the solution to all of these. It offers insightful content that is dedicated to helping women cope with mental vulnerabilities. 3. Meditation App for Women (A great app to make your life intact) 4. Wisdo (An app that helps you put your life in proper order) 5. Exhale (A practical app that puts you at ease and helps cope with mood swings.

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