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This Is What Causes That Unwanted Blood Taste In Your Mouth

Have you ever felt the taste of metal inside your mouth and realized it’s your own blood? There could be many reasons because of which you’d have to deal with this experience. For example, you brushed your teeth extra hard, causing your gums to bleed. Or maybe you flossed after a long while or you bit the inside of your cheeks. While these things are superficial and nothing to worry about, if you haven’t injured yourself and you still taste the iron in your mouth, then this is something to be concerned about.

Pexels | You don’t have to worry if the blood taste is coming from some normal everyday activit

If you are thinking that it is impossible for someone to taste blood in their mouth then hear this. Recently a TikTok user shared a video on her page stating that she tasted blood when she was running.

So yes, there could be many reasons causing the blood-like taste in your mouth.

Here are a few common reasons:

1. High-intensity Workout

Dr. Lisa Lewis, who is a clinician working in Fort Worth, Texas, talked about the situation of a TikTok user experiencing blood in her mouth while running. She explained that this phenomenon occurs when the red blood cells break down, resulting in small amounts of iron escaping into the lungs. So, if a person is engaging in a high-intensity workout and if their mouth, nose, or throat is irritated, it can also cause a metallic taste in the mouth.

Pexels | If you’re habitual of working out, now you know the reason for blood taste in your mouth

2. The Novel Virus

Another good reason behind this issue could be the novel virus. While one of the first reported symptoms happened to be the loss of taste, it has been reported that some patients that had contracted the virus felt a metallic taste in their mouth. It was said to be “bland” and “metallic”.

3. Certain Medications and Supplements

If you taste a metallic taste in your mouth then it could also be because of certain medications. This may be included in their list of side effects and can be found in drugs mainly used for blood pressure, diabetes, antidepressants, antibiotics, and many more. Dr. Lewis also goes on to add that there could be certain supplements that are rich in heavy metals that may cause that taste as a side effect.

Pexels | So if your doctor decided to change your medicines, some may lead to you having an odd taste in your mouth.

A blood-like taste in your mouth would be the last thing you would want so, keep an eye out for these things.

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