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Exploring The Beauty Of Germany: Top 5 Things To Do In Berlin

According to the German locals, Berlin is a city unlike no other . There is a reason why they say that. Not only it ‘feels’ different living in Berlin but it also gives you a new perspective on the world. A typical day in Berlin looks like this: Local grocery shops open up before 8 a.m., along with local transportation.

Although downtown Berlin does not get occupied in the early hours of the day, the streets get busier as you move forward with your day. Sounds pretty common like any other city in Germany? Well, there are certain things that are specific for Berlin – things that you will find strange as a non-native.

Forbes / Berlin is a city like no other city, say local Germans. And it is rightfully so.

To begin with, there is no WiFi in Berlin! Instead, there is another thing called “WLAN.” Unlike traditional WiFi, WLAN is much upgraded, faster, and affordable. Sure enough, you will have to cancel your expensive data plan as you move to Berlin.

Thus, there are hundreds of things that are different in Berlin. Not only ‘things,’ but the attitude is different in Berlin. Living in Berlin for over a week will give you a whole new horizon of life. You will essentially forget your previous perceptions of the world as this beautiful city instill a whole new perspective in you.

The NY Times / Roam around the city of Berlin for a week, and you will be instilled with a new worldview.

If you are lucky enough to visit Berlin as a tourist, you will figure out that there are numerous joyous things to do. Simple roaming around the city will feel like traveling back in time. You will come across the “leftovers” of the world’s greatest dictator and ruthless warrior, Napolean. Every wall of Berlin city will tell you a story that is buried in history.

What should you do in Berlin if you are on a week’s visit to the most popular city in Germany? Well, here are the top 5 things you should do if you are lucky enough to visit Berlin, Germany:

Touring the City of Berlin By Boat

The most popular trip to the city of Berlin is not by road. Nor is it by air. Instead, it is by the sea. Locals suggest that if you want to visit the whole city of Berlin in one hour, visit it by boat.

CNN Lifestyle / One-hour tour of Berlin by boat is one of the most popular traditions of Berlin.

So, if you find yourself roaming around the city of Berlin, consider visiting the entire city by boat. Boat tours in Berlin are worth it!

Other Things To Do In Berlin

Here are some other things that you should do to make your trip to Berlin to a whole new level:

– Visiting The Pergamon, Berlin’s Best Museum

– Touring the Parliament of Germany

– Visiting the Historic Brandenburg Gate that Napolean Once Marched Through

– Seeing the Popular Airport That Was Made By Hitler

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