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Did You Know Medicare Covers These Too?

The State’s medical cover for senior citizens contains some hidden gems that are very easy to miss. Here’s how you can get the best from the Medicare cover by knowing what under-the-radar benefits you are really entitled to.

Our top 10 picks are sure to be a surprise to most people:

Annual Checkups

impulsq/Unsplash: Medicare can benefit you more than you think

They don’t stop at the routine checks, they also keep a lookout for signs of cognitive impairment like Alzheimer’s.

Obesity in Check

yunmai/Unsplash: One of the costs Medicare covers is that of obesity counseling 

Medicare offers obesity counseling and free diet plans at no additional cost! Heart disease and diabetes are huge risk factors of obesity, so it’s best not to take it lightly.

Drop the Cigar

Tumisu/Pixabay: Planning to quit smoking?your health insurance can help

If you’re a smoker and want to quit, this health insurance also covers eight-sessions annually to help kick the habit to the curb.

Bye-bye Alcohol Abuse

With the amount of negative consequences alcoholism brings, addicts must get the help they need without having to worry about the costs—Medicare steps in with free screening and limited treatments.

Balance Is in The Ears

While usual hearing tests and aides aren’t covered, if a practitioner thinks you need a hearing exam, it can be paid for. Since ears determine the body’s balance, a doctor can decide if a review is necessary.

Know Your Disease

A list of disease screenings is covered under the program to help early detection of diseases such as lung cancer, HIV, prostate cancer, and even depression. Isn’t prevention always better than cure?

Hospice Care

When a recipient is given six months or less to live, a short stay at a hospice facility, grief counseling for the patient and family, and nursing care is covered. Room and boarding charges are off bounds, though.

Diabetes Footwear

This is probably the least known fringe benefit of all! Specialized diabetes footwear helps treat poor blood circulation in diabetics. It even lowers risks of neuropathy, which is why the medical coverage pays for these, too, if prescribed by a physician.

Roam Free

If it’s deemed a medical necessity, Medicare covers mobility scooters and wheelchairs as they help patients with chronic conditions lead normal lives.

Walk-In for A Bath

For patients suffering from long-lasting joint pains, and other severe arthritis conditions, a doctor may recommend the use of a walk-in bathtub. While it’s not paid upfront, the bill can be submitted for reimbursement.

So don’t just get that flu shot covered. Make the most of your coverage and enjoy a healthy retirement!

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