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Don’t Get Trapped in the Web of Insurance Premiums!

Many Americans get health insurance benefits from their employers and the rest avail options in the open enrollment window. With an array of plans available in the market, finding a policy with an optimal premium can be a harrowing experience. Here are a few tips that can help you choose the right one.


Unless acquainted with the industry jargon and explanations, the acronyms can take you for a ride. Familiarize yourself with the different plans available.

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)

In this policy, there is a physician responsible for your primary care and will recommend you to a specialist if required. Most healthcare services outside the network are not covered.

Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO)

It is just like an HMO, with the additional benefit of specialist consultations without the involvement of primary physicians.

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

In addition to the above-mentioned services, you can also go out of your network to get medical assistance. There are many financial incentives for sticking to the prescribed list of doctors.

Point of Service (POS)

A POS gives the advantages of both HMO and PPO as long as you are willing to shell out more from your pocket.

Look Beyond Premiums

kaziiparkour/Unsplash: Evaluate different plans and choose the one that offers the best coverage

If you live in an area where there are fewer physicians, then it would be wiser to go with a plan that has out-of-network coverage. Instead of going with the cheapest plan, pick one that offers ample security, and covers a wide range of conditions. Besides, consider other factors such as copay, coinsurance, and deductible.


Rei Imagine/Shutterstock: Paying a flat fee for various expenses

It is a flat fee that is charged for ER visits, routine checkups, or pathological tests.


It is the initial amount that you have to cover before the insurance kicks in.


Often, you have to bear a small percentage of medical costs after meeting the copay and deductible requirements.


sctgrhm/Unsplash: Calculate well to choose the best possible option

There is a strong chance that your family’s medical needs are changing year after year. Revisit the hospital bills every year and take a call on whether you need an upgrade on your insurance. If you feel that the premiums are too steep, check if you can afford a higher deductible.

The world of health insurance might have a myriad of complexities, but understanding the nuances is sufficient to make a cost-effective choice. Your best bet could be taking help from any of the numerous experts in the field who offer their services.

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